TRUST Mentor Program
TRUST Impact Mentoring

IMPACT Mentorship Program

TRUST IMPACT Mentorship Program

The Women’s Health Leadership TRUST has a strong commitment to mentoring as part of our mission to advance the health care careers of women and enhance leadership skills. The TRUST Leadership Development Committee is excited to collaborate with Menttium once again on our 2020 mentoring program.  Register now to be a part of this incredible group of influential women!

IMPACT Mentorship in action

Mentor Program Benefits

For the Mentees:

  • Provides cross-functional learning experiences.
  • Provides access to a broader industry perspective.
  • Provides knowledge and skill building opportunities to increase effectiveness.
  • Provides an opportunity to take ownership of personal and professional development.
  • Provides an opportunity to build and strengthen personal networks.
  • Promotes diversity of thought and style.
  • Promotes commitment to developing women leaders in health care.


For the Mentors:

  • Provides an opportunity to build and strengthen mentoring skills.
  • Provides new insights into organizational issues through the eyes of the mentee.
  • Provides an opportunity to demonstrate leadership.
  • Provides an opportunity to contribute to the development of high potential women.


*If you already have been a mentor as part of the IMPACT Mentorship program, you do not have to fill out the entire application again. Just fill out the first part so we know who you are.

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