Managing Content How To
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There is a variety of "Content" that you can store and manage in your TRUST Profile. This How To will review those content areas with you and show you how to add, edit, and manage this content.

Photo Gallery

You can add your own photo gallery and share with your network.

Add Photos

Before adding photos, you first need to create a new Album.

  • Click on Photo Gallery in the Manage Profile page or by clicking on the green plus button at the top of the Profile Home page.
  • Select Manage Albums.
  • Name your new Album.
  • Click on View Albums.
  • Click on your new Album.
  • Use the Browse feature to select the photo to upload.
  • Click on the small icon next to Browse that looks like a computer with a yellow arrow above it to upload.
  • Determine if you will allow comments by your connections or no comments.
  • Determine if you will allow the picture to be seen by Members Only or the Public.

Access Photos

You can access and manage your Photos on your Profile Home page or by clicking on the green plus button at the top to access your Photos.



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