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TRUST Talks showcase the expertise of TRUST members and invited guests intent on fulfilling the TRUST's mission of promoting development of health care leaders.

In our most recent TRUST Talk, Sarah Keenan, RN, RSN, Chief Clinical Officer and President at Bluestone Physician Servies (and a TRUST member and recipient of the TRUST's 2016 Emerging Company Leader in Health Care Award) shares how to lead in a high-growth environment. It's not just having one good quarter or even one good year — it's about sustainability and uniqueness.

In our third TRUST Talk, Laura Gandrud, MD, pediatric endocrinologist at Children's McNeely Pediatric Diabetes Center (and a TRUST member and recipient of the TRUST's 2016 Consumer/Patient Experience Award) explains the importance of having core goals to help her young patients and their families overcome barriers presented by diabetes. How do skinny jeans make it difficult to check glucose levels?

In our second TRUST Talk, V. Katherine Gray, PhD, founder and president of SAGE HMS (and a TRUST past president and recipient of the TRUST's 2016 Health Care Technology Innovation Award) shares her thoughts about how passion and perseverance can help women achieve success for the long term.

Our first video features current President Carol Kraft and Immediate Past President Janet Stacey discussing 2016 TRUST activities, including plans to roll out future TRUST Talks. Watch the video now.




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