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Jill Hauwiller

Jill Hauwiller

Jill Hauwiller is Founder and Principal Consultant at Leadership Refinery, a firm she established to develop leaders and high potential talent through executive coaching. Prior to establishing her independent practice, Jill worked within industry in the areas of talent management, organizational development, career consulting and human resources. She is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. Her work spans multiple industries and functions including health care and medical device, professional services, IT, higher education, manufacturing and engineering. Jill is also an executive coach and adjunct faculty instructor in the Carlson School of Management’s Executive Education Program at the University of Minnesota and a leadership development consultant for the Opus College of Business at the University of St. Thomas.

Jill was interviewed by Executive Branding Coach, Carol Kaemmerer, a Charter member of the Women’s Health Leadership TRUST and member of its Marketing Communications Committee.

Tell us about your role as Founder and Principal Consultant with Leadership Refinery.

I partner with clients to accelerate people’s development through executive coaching. Sometimes my clients are individuals who want to grow in specific areas, but more often I partner with companies interested in leadership development for current leaders or individuals they identify as high potential talent they would like to ready for their leadership succession pipeline. I use a number of assessment tools and techniques to establish a baseline and then leverage strategies such as 360 feedback and ongoing coaching to accelerate leadership effectiveness. I also work with functional employee groups (e.g. IT, engineering, HR) to facilitate annual strategic planning, culture alignment, and change management initiatives.

Why did you join the Women’s Health Leadership TRUST?

My first exposure to the TRUST was about two years ago when I was asked by Kate DiAna and Kim Wiese, members of the programing committee, to present a program for TRUST members on the topic of emotional intelligence. I was teaching leadership and career development in the St. Thomas Healthcare MBA program at the time, and we used a robust emotional intelligence assessment with all the students in the program. I met a number of passionate and fascinating women that night, and I loved the energy in the group. Because my business is rapidly growing in the health care area, I decided to join the TRUST to expand my own knowledge of the industry and network with other members. I’m really enjoying my membership of this vibrant group of women and find that their support provides valuable connections that are important to me both personally and professionally as a solopreneur.

Have you been mentored?

Yes, both formally and informally. Roughly ten years ago I was paired by a professional association with mentor Teri Spillers, a leadership and talent development professional at the University of Minnesota. We met quarterly for a few years and the amount I learned from her was quite amazing. We are still dear friends, and while we continue to see each other, our time together now is informal. I have also been mentored by and continue to mentor others, both formally and informally.

What is your best business advice?

Early in my career, a manager told me that my job should be to work myself out of a job. That is, I should empower others by teaching them how to do what I do. Of course, he assured me that I’d actually always be needed, but the idea of teaching others to do what you do helps develop a service-oriented mindset. That mindset is powerful, and contributes to the effectiveness of my practice.

What inspires you?

I am inspired when I see people willing to step outside their comfort zone to take the risks necessary for growth. I am inspired when people bravely express their vulnerability; when people dare to be authentic.

What is something that not many people know about you?

I am an ordained officiant for weddings. I have performed exactly one wedding – for a dear friend.

Thank you Jill Hauwiller, for sharing with us, and for being an enthusiastic member of the Women’s Health Leadership TRUST.

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