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Pam Hull

Pam Hull
is President of Mandorla Consulting.

As interviewed by TRUST Marketing & Communications Committee Member Carol Kaemmerer

CK: Tell us about your consulting. Is there significance to your business name, "Mandorla?"
PH: “Mandorla” means leaving one room, not yet entering the other; standing on the threshold of transformation and change which requires faith and hope. I chose that name because my consulting practice focuses on organizational transformations and strategic thought. In addition to my seasoned business acumen, I approach each consulting engagement with a creative and personal approach, an orientation of service, and honoring the highest good for the organization.

I am recognized as a transformational leader who has worked collaboratively with boards, senior management and employee groups to define new shared visions and directions for organizations and to develop a road map for implementation. I view my purpose as helping organizations move from where they are to where they agree they should be going. I engage all stakeholders in a shared vision and roadmap for implementation, helping organizations move forward — together. I am also known for my use of visual facilitation tools (originally developed by The Grove Consultants International) as a way to clarify, engage the group and build consensus.

Our recent customers have included: Science Museum of Minnesota, University of Minnesota Foundation, Minnesota Zoo, Care Choice, Center for Community Health, Coloplast, Entira Family Physicians, HealthEast Medical Executive Committee, Minnesota Medical Association Foundation, North Memorial, Vista Prairie Communities, Opportunity Partners, Metropolitan Regional Arts Council.

CK: How has your leadership role/position changed over time?
PH: I’ve always been known as a practical problem solver, working in service of others. But the venues in which I practice have certainly changed over time. In my days as a patient-care nurse, I helped patients remove barriers to healing and wellness. Later, in multiple management positions including System Director of Strategy Development for HealthEast, I helped departments and teams solve service delivery, interpersonal and process-oriented problems to better meet patient care needs within the realities of time and budgetary constraints. Today, I leverage my experience by consulting with a variety of not-for-profit and for-profit organizations that need some outside guidance to move from where they are to where they agree they should be going.

All along my career path, strong women have encouraged me to take risks and to move beyond my comfort zone in order to grow. I’d like to acknowledge two of them here. Cathy Barr, East Region President and Chief Operating Officer at HealthEast Care System — and also a former president of the TRUST — has been an amazing source of support and encouragement for me over the years. And my very first client for my consulting practice was also a TRUST board member: Patty Dennis. At the time, Patty was a Senior Vice President at Health Partners. Her faith in my skills fueled my confidence that I could make it as a consultant.

CK: What career advice do you have to share?
PH: The best advice I ever got was “Just say YES.” Just say YES to every opportunity that presents, even if it’s scary, and even if it is beyond your comfort zone. Because when we stretch ourselves, we learn what else we can do and we build our competence and confidence.

Another practice that I have used to grow is by seeking feedback. Every few years, I interview 5-6 people who know me and my work well and I ask three questions:

  • What do I do well?
  • What should I improve upon?
  • What is it that makes you think “why does she keep doing that?”

The last question is of course the hardest to ask and to answer, but these are the behaviors others observe that limit us in our careers. I recommend this feedback practice to others because it has helped me grow as a professional.

CK: You've been a TRUST member for a very long time. Why do you renew your membership each year in the TRUST?
PH: I love what the TRUST stands for: women promoting women. And I love the relationships I have built with TRUST members over time. TRUST members are my go-to partners and experts. It’s where I start looking when I need a trusted source of expertise. For example, when I needed help with my branding and LinkedIn profile, I came to you. Your involvement in the TRUST over the years made me comfortable entrusting my brand to you.

CK: Thanks for your kind words. Do you have words of wisdom you would like to share with TRUST members?
PH: Yes. Recognize that you are doing your best work when you are in service to others. Don’t take anything for granted. Remember to be kind. Remember to say thank you.

CK: Thank you, Pam! Those are indeed words of wisdom.

If you would like to engage Pam to consult or speak at your organization, you can reach her at:

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