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Trust Member Spotlight: Katie Jacobson

Wednesday, September 2, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Courtney Nelson
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Featured TRUST Member

Katie Jacobson

Board-Certified Financial Advisor, CFP® CLU® ChFC®,
Specialization: medical provider planning
Northwestern Mutual

Katie Jacobson is a board-certified wealth management advisor with Northwestern Mutual delivering comprehensive financial planning for doctors and health care leaders nationwide. Her clients value simple and actionable financial care plans, personally built to evolve with each stage of the client’s career.

Why did you join the TRUST? What keeps you involved as a TRUST member?

I joined the TRUST in 2018 and love the commitment to advance women into the C-suite of health care. That passion runs through the entire group, so meeting women as driven as me to see their peers succeed and burst through barriers is just fun. Leaning into the community is a renewing experience, and it always helps me to get up and push a little further for another day.

Have you ever had a mentor? How did he/she help you most?

Yes, both formally & informally, male and female, past and present. Without my mentors, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I think mentors can show up in almost any role if you let them – for instance, I’d say my parents are as important to me as my formally-paired mentors, but in different ways. Some of my mentors have held me accountable, have given me a safe space to fail, have painted a brighter version of me when I was struggling to see it, have cheered me on, have created opportunities, and have become friends. I think life is way more fun with friends and that’s what most of my mentors have become – which makes everything far more enjoyable for all of us.

What is the best career advice you’ve received?

Ooh, great question. I think the best advice I’ve gotten is to advocate for and to be myself, which sounds dorky, but is actually incredibly liberating. To me, that means I get to define what success looks like, what I’m willing to forego to get to the next level, what matters to me and what doesn’t, and to actively choose how I’m going to get where I’m going and when. It’s frankly also super scary advice because it puts the responsibility of my future onto me, but once the fear subsides a bit, it’s an incredibly liberating feeling to have to satisfy no one else’s standards at the end of the day other than my own.

What help and support do you need from the TRUST community now to evolve your development as a leader?

I’ve always gained confidence with experience, and right now, I’m working my tail off to become as highly respected and referred in my field – medical financial planning – as any provider specialist is in his or her own. Like any good resident or fellow, I need practice; I need more OR time. I’m incredibly lucky to be trained in by one of the best. My mentor is like my attending; I’m his fellow. He teaches me to be much more efficient and effective, which in turn helps more providers have solid financial plans. In order to be a stronger leader in medical financial planning, especially as one of the only women, I need to continue to build my confidence. I need more cases, more referrals; I need more OR time.

How do you want to support other women in their leadership journey?

We need to talk it! We also need to take the risk to ask directly for what we need; if no one knows, no one can help. I have to tell myself this all the time; I really struggle to ask for referrals, which is literally what I need to help more people. It’s important to know what success looks like to each person so when I’m in the room, I can advocate for the woman who isn’t yet. I really enjoy meeting people 1:1 to learn how I can be helpful to him or her, and I like that it looks different to each person. If each woman (or person, really) could remember she is the strongest advocate for herself and trust herself to speak her truth, I think we’d be much happier individually and as a whole.

Who or what inspires you?

I’m fascinated by people, so this evolves depending on the day, but I think Lin-Manuel Miranda nailed it in “Hamilton” when he wrote, ‘History has its eyes on you.’ I love learning about people or institutions who have pivoted history – RFK, the Mayo Brothers, the U of M’s first heart transplant, my Mom, etc. – history can be as personal or global as we want it, and I like to think about how I’m affecting the histories of those around me, too.

What is something not many people know about you?

I’m super left-handed. Doctors suggested my parents try to hand things to me on my right side when I was a baby, but I’d always grab with my left. I suppose I’m still just as stubborn!

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