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TRUST Member Spotlight: Lynn Sontag

Wednesday, November 6, 2019   (0 Comments)
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The newest subject of the Women's Health Leadership TRUST Member Spotlight is Lynn Sontag, CEO/Owner at Menttium Corporation. As a woman-owned business with a long history of developing key talent through mentoring, Menttium has helped thousands of women step up into their true potential through the mentoring process. As Chief Executive Officer for Menttium, Lynn believes the right mentor can accelerate learning, increase confidence, and broaden perspective. Menttium’s process focuses on the whole person to help people thrive at work and in life.

Lynn joined the TRUST for two reasons. "First, I knew and admired several leaders of the TRUST. Many of them were Menttium mentors and one of them was a personal mentor for me. Second, my desire to have an impact in the health care arena. Over 60 percent of our clients are in health care and I have had extensive personal experience with the health care system. It is important to me that Menttium’s work is aligned other mission-driven organizations and the TRUST is certainly mission driven."

She stays involved with the TRUST because of the members. "As I go to events and support the TRUST IMPACT Mentoring Program, I am always energized by their life stories and humbled by the challenges they have faced."

Lynn Sontag
Lynn Sontag

Each month, the TRUST highlights at least one member in our Member Spotlight feature. The profiles are coordinated by the TRUST's Marketing Communication Committee members, who work to select TRUST members from a variety of health care career settings and at various career stages. To learn more, contact one of the Marketing Communication Committee co-chairs or staff liaison Laurie Pumper.



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