Welcome! We are thrilled you may be interested in becoming a mentee or mentor.  The Women’s Health Leadership TRUST Mentoring Program (formerly, IMPACT) is devoted to empowering women to learn from each other through guided mentorship. This one-of-a-kind community enables professional growth through a unique mentoring arrangement through guided mentorship. Developed in partnership with Menttium, the Program is a key pillar of the TRUST’s mission to advance the healthcare careers of women.  Our 2022 cohort is accepting applications starting in August 2021.

It’s time to invest in yourself. The Mentoring Program is a unique, year-long opportunity available to TRUST members who want to focus on immediate or short-term professional development. You will be paired with an experienced female leader who wants to help you achieve your Program goals. This one-on-one relationship is tailored to meet your current needs and allows you the flexibility to evolve your focus. Our mentees have experienced growth in diverse skills such as strategic planning, delegating, negotiating, career planning, navigating politics, embracing change, work/life integration, effective feedback, executive presence, and moving from peer to team leader. And, in addition to your mentor partnership, the Program includes scheduled learning and connection opportunities.

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Mentors – We need you!
If you’ve been thinking about mentoring, now is the time to sign up. The Mentoring Program provides a turn-key way for you to share what you know while meaningfully contributing to the careers of other women. You can make a significant impact to the professional life of a TRUST member, for just an hour a month. The more generous we can be with our knowledge, relationships and support, the more successful women in our industry will be. Our mentors also find growth and new perspectives while giving back.

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We would like to thank our 2020 Cohort Sponsor:
Optum |United Health Group | United Healthcare

IMPACT Mentorship in action

TRUST Mentoring Program Notable Items

  1. The next TRUST Mentoring Program will run from January 2022 through December 2022.
  2. Program applications for both mentors and mentees will be open on the WHLT website from August 2021 through September 30, 2021.
  3. In addition to Program materials, there will be formal quarterly check-ins, providing additional learning opportunities and time to connect with other mentees and mentors.
  4. For Mentees there is a nominal fee of $300 to participate in the program. There is no cost for mentors.
  5. Time expectations: Mentee’s should spend at least two hours a month on the Program and mentors about one hour a month meeting with the mentee.

Mentor Program Benefits

For the Mentees:

  • Provides cross-functional learning experiences.
  • Provides access to a broader industry perspective.
  • Provides knowledge and skill building opportunities to increase effectiveness.
  • Provides an opportunity for you to invest in yourself for a nominal program fee of $300.
  • Provides an opportunity to take ownership of personal and professional development.
  • Provides an opportunity to build and strengthen personal networks.
  • Promotes diversity of thought and style.
  • Promotes commitment to developing women leaders in health care.

For the Mentors:

  • Provides an opportunity to build and strengthen Mentoring skills.
  • Provides new insights into organizational issues through the eyes of the mentee.
  • Provides an opportunity to demonstrate leadership.
  • Provides an opportunity to contribute to the development of high potential women.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring Is:
  • Is an equal partnership with two-way learning
  • Creates a climate of trust and promotes open and honest dialogue
  • Allows you to develop leadership and performance capabilities, expand networks, and benefit from career guidance
  • Works best when goals are defined and measured
  • Succeeds when partnership roles, expectations, and time frames, are clearly defined
  • Is learning to respect and value differences
  • Is an opportunity for the mentor and mentee to focus together on the mentee’s growth and development needs
  • Is a commitment to continuous learning by mentee and mentor
Mentoring Is not:
  • Sponsoring
  • Remedial
  • Only spontaneous
  • A job search or recruitment strategy
  • The same as managing

We look forward to seeing you, as either a mentor or mentee, in the upcoming Program. We will be watching for your completed application between August 15th and September 30th of 2021.

Nominate a Mentor Do you know a mentor who deserves special recognition? The Mentor of the Year award is open to any member of the TRUST who exemplifies the attributes of mentorship. Learn more here. 

Questions?: Please email [email protected] or call 609.799.4900