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How Are You Spending Your Choices?

Posted By Connie Delaney, U of M School of Nursing, Tuesday, September 4, 2018

There are many quotes about the passage of time; how it goes by, how it passes, how it flies, how it is a measure of life. Time, a human convention to help us place order and prioritize, does indeed go by each and every day. The one constant through each minute, hour, month and year is we all have a choice in being intentional in how we use our time.

As I reflect on this past year as President of the Women’s Health Leadership TRUST, I’m grateful for choices we have made and our shared time with bold, like-minded women committed to creating a transformative impact in health care and lifting up the collaborative force of dynamic women aligned to share insights, trusted expert knowledge, and wisdom to lead within the industry.

The TRUST has made great strides in supporting women leaders in health care. Our recognition by Modern Healthcare earlier this summer as an organization boldly making a difference in the lives of people and health care organizations through visionary and empowered women leaders was an honorable moment showcasing our successes. We remain committed to the choices necessary to continue to open pathways for women in health care leadership and increasing opportunities for inclusivity and diversity.

As we start a new TRUST program year, I’m exceedingly grateful to fellow board members, volunteers and members — more than 500 women — who made thoughtful choices to devote their time, energy and strength to give life to the organization’s mission. I have all-embracing confidence that TRUST members will continue to use their voices and abilities to make bold impacts in the health care industry through collaboration, innovation and a courageous spirit with intentionality.

I look forward to continuing my service to the TRUST as Immediate Past President working alongside the deeply talented Monica Engel who will assume the role of TRUST President at the Annual Meeting on September 27. Be sure to register for this event. We will celebrate accomplishments, hear the direction of the TRUST in the coming year and welcome Cindy Kent who will share her inspiring stories of authenticity as the foundation for being fearless. Cindy sees fearlessness as the bold synchronicity at the intersection between authenticity, confidence and capabilities. Cindy is indeed an audacious, brave, fearless leader.

As I share my final TRUST blog, I invite you to remember that when we collectively lead with courage, strength and wise intentional choices we can build a better future for health care and the women committed to transformations in the industry.

Connie White Delaney currently serves as TRUST President, and Professor and Dean at the School of Nursing at the University of Minnesota. Delaney holds degrees in nursing and mathematics, adult health nursing, educational administration, and informatics. Delaney’s work is expanding connections, collaborations, integrative informatics, and social structures which advance co-discovery of solutions that transform health and education systems.

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The Definition of a Strong Woman

Posted By Theresa Pesch, RN, Hennepin Healthcare Foundation, Friday, September 1, 2017
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This is my last blog post as Women’s Health Leadership TRUST President and I can’t begin to tell you all how much I appreciated serving in this role for the past year. I’m especially thankful for the nearly 500 women in health care who make up our membership.

You are the strength of the TRUST. The TRUST exists for and because of strong women like you. Melinda Gates has frequently spoken about what makes a woman strong1:

“How does she grow into a strong woman? It begins with a step that sounds simple, but isn’t. She finds her voice. A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult. …
“It’s not easy to bring a new idea into existence. It’s not easy even to stand up and talk about why things need to change. I know that from my own experience as a young adolescent searching for my own voice. It’s a long and difficult process, and I think it’s fair to say that it’s never finished. At least I hope it’s never finished. I think a voice is always a work in progress.”

Thank you all for contributing to the success and strength of the TRUST. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as President and truly hope you have become stronger through your TRUST experience. I often hear from members who share how their involvement with the TRUST has positively impacted their lives whether through volunteer service, one of our professional advancement programs, Accelerate! Mentoring or someone met during a TRUST networking opportunity.

I hope you continue to use the TRUST to find or enhance your voice and strength. You will soon be in the very capable hands of Dr. Connie Delaney who will take over as TRUST President at the Annual Meeting on September 28 and I know Connie will carry on the enduring mission of the TRUST. I look forward to staying on the board as Immediate Past President and continuing to serve you all.

I’ve used this blog several times to talk about one’s True North — who you are based on your values. My final words of advice are to find your True North and authentic voice if you haven’t yet done so, and then stay true to it. You’ll find when you’re true to your internal compass of values and true to your voice it becomes much easier to be a strong, courageous leader.

1, Melinda Gates Powerful Voices Luncheon, October 16, 2003

Theresa currently serves as TRUST President, and President, Children’s Minnesota Foundation. Originally trained in nursing, Pesch has 25 years of health care administration experience and is a sought-after presenter for national philanthropy conferences. She was recognized as a Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal Women in Business honoree in 2012.

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Your Career Doesn't Take the Summer Off

Posted By Theresa Pesch, RN, Hennepin Healthcare Foundation, Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Remember when summer meant three months away from teachers and homework? As adults, our careers do not take the summer off. We need to continually nurture our careers through further education, which includes gaining experience, knowledge and skills. Summer is a great time to review your education strategy and identify any gaps you may have.

Here are a few ways the TRUST can assist with your ongoing education needs:

  • Professional and Personal Development – The TRUST offers many opportunities throughout the year for professional and personal development learning that will engage participants in the latest topics of importance to women leaders in health care. Make sure to review our Event Calendar regularly to map out upcoming programs of interest such as our Monthly Programs and Pinnacle Leader Dinners.
  • Accelerate! Mentoring – This annual mentoring program from the TRUST continues to grow and we’ll start accepting applications for the next calendar year in the fall, which makes summer an ideal time to consider this program. Mentor and mentee partner matches occur late in the fall, and the program begins in January.
  • TRUST Talks – Our TRUST Talks webinar series showcases the expertise of TRUST members and invited guests in fulfillment of the TRUST’s mission of promoting development of health care leaders. Recent TRUST Talks included Sarah Keenan, RN, RSN, Chief Clinical Officer and President at Bluestone Physician Services, sharing how to lead in a high-growth environment, and Laura Gandrud, MD, pediatric endocrinologist at Children's McNeely Pediatric Diabetes Center explaining the importance of core goals to help young patients and their families overcome barriers presented by diabetes. These are truly unique learning opportunities!
  • Annual Meeting – Save the date for the TRUST Annual Meeting on September 28. This is a wonderful time to network and receive wisdom from fellow women leaders in health care. In addition, we’ll take a look back at accomplishments of the past year and learn what is coming in the year ahead.
  • Social Media Sharing – We realize many of our members actively use social media to learn about new skills and stay on top of trends. As such, we routinely share relevant content from reputable news sites on the TRUST LinkedIn “company” page, LinkedIn group page, Facebook @TheWHLTrust and Twitter @WHLTrust accounts. Be sure to follow us and stay connected for additional opportunities to gain new knowledge and skills.

We believe strongly in our role to help members continue to learn through a variety of programs and initiatives. In fact, sharing insights, expertise and trusted knowledge is part of the TRUST Vision. This summer, remember to prepare for your ongoing education needs in addition to prepping for long weekends at the lake and campfires at the cabin.

Theresa currently serves as TRUST President, and President, Children’s Minnesota Foundation. Originally trained in nursing, Pesch has 25 years of health care administration experience and is a sought-after presenter for national philanthropy conferences. She was recognized as a Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal Women in Business honoree in 2012.

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