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Advance Your Career with Passion

Posted By Theresa Pesch, RN, Monday, May 1, 2017

Another marvelous Forum has wrapped up and, as always, we left inspired and ready to lead with passion. Keynote Susan Salka had us rethinking notions about women and leadership in health care. We got to hear from amazing women leaders such as Stacie Usem, 2017 Jean Harris Award winner, and Dee Thibodeau, 2017 recipient of the 21st Century Pinnacle Award. And we can’t forget about the 12 finalists and six winners of our Partnership & Collaboration awards – women who are truly shaking up the status quo in their areas of health care.

Building on the energy from the Forum, perhaps now is an excellent time to evaluate your career and plans for further development or advancement. Perhaps you heard Susan Salka talk about the need for personal passion in order to innovate and successfully collaborate, and it got you thinking about the things you are most passionate about. Did you know Susan advanced her career at AMN Healthcare in a variety of roles over the span of 27 years? Susan is a prime example of leading and growing personally and professionally by being passionate about her work.

Dee Thibodeau has a wonderful principle she lives by, which she discussed in her Forum video. It’s the idea that when you become a leader, it’s your responsibility to bring other women along with you. If we work together, we all will be successful. This is exactly what the TRUST set out to do and we’re passionate about it. We exist to help lift one another up whether through networking, mentoring programs like Accelerate! or programs such as the Pinnacle Leader Dinners. TRUST offerings are there to help aid leadership development and career advancement to help elevate not just one individual, but all of us as a whole.

Career advancement looks different for different people. To one person, it means reaching a top position. To another, it means starting a business. To another, it means gaining more experience in multiple areas to prepare for a more complex role in the near future. No matter how you define it, career advancement should be continually evaluated and considered rather than left to chance.

If you’re a member of the Women’s Health Leadership TRUST, congrats; you’ve already taken one step toward your career advancement! As you develop your career advancement plan, map out areas where the TRUST can help you achieve your goals. Do you need to fine-tune or acquire certain skills? Do you need to grow your network?

Think big, be bold, follow your passion, and take control of your career advancement. The TRUST, along with more than 450 members, is here to help!

Theresa currently serves as TRUST President, and President, Children’s Minnesota Foundation. Originally trained in nursing, Pesch has 25 years of health care administration experience and is a sought-after presenter for national philanthropy conferences. She was recognized as a Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal Women in Business honoree in 2012.

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Collaboration, Partnerships and Thank-Yous

Posted By Theresa Pesch, RN, Thursday, April 6, 2017
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April is a big month for the Women’s Health Leadership TRUST with our signature professional development and networking event, The Forum, on April 20. It’s fitting the Forum theme this year is Collaboration through Partnership because it takes a great deal of collaboration and partnerships to make this extraordinary event occur. There are a number of people to thank for contributing to the Forum.

Thanks to the volunteers on the Forum Committee who have given their time since last fall to pull together this event. It’s the volunteers who make everything look seamless and easy even when we know it takes a great deal of effort and passion to bring about such a phenomenal event.

Thank you to our spectacular Forum sponsors who give generously so the TRUST can continue to offer a stellar evening of learning and networking opportunities for more than 800 attendees. Revenue generated during the Forum also contributes to our monthly programming throughout the year. When you see our sponsors at the Forum, please thank them for their contributions to the TRUST.

Thanks to everyone who made a nomination for the Forum Awards. We received so many outstanding nominations that the judges said it was very difficult to narrow the field in each category. In the end, 18 finalists were selected and six winners will be announced live at the Forum on April 20. Be sure to talk to the finalists at the Forum and learn more about their extraordinary collaborations. Our award finalists have some amazing stories to tell and we all have the opportunity to learn from their initiatives.

Thank you to our Forum keynote, Susan Salka, CEO, president and director of AMN Healthcare Services, Inc., based in San Diego, Calif. Under Susan’s leadership, AMN has become known as the innovator in health care workforce solutions and the largest and most diversified health care staffing company in the nation. Susan is a dynamic industry spokesperson in the health care community, is keenly aware of the need to promote the value of women in leadership and takes an active role helping others to achieve their personal and professional goals. Several of us with the TRUST have heard Susan speak in the past and, trust us, you will not be disappointed!

And thank you in advance to everyone who will attend the Forum on April 20. The Forum is an annual event for you! We know you want quality programs and stellar networking opportunities, and the Forum delivers on both. There’s truly something for everyone at the Forum! If you have not yet registered, there’s still time — don’t miss this signature event.

Theresa currently serves as TRUST President, and President, Children’s Minnesota Foundation. Originally trained in nursing, Pesch has 25 years of health care administration experience and is a sought-after presenter for national philanthropy conferences. She was recognized as a Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal Women in Business honoree in 2012.

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Spring Brings Renewed Optimism and Bold Events

Posted By Theresa Pesch, RN, Monday, March 6, 2017
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There’s a saying that “no matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.” The start of the year can be a bit chaotic; however, springtime brings a new optimism. There’s excitement in the air and people are ready to appear from their winter hiding places. Don’t believe me? In March the TRUST is hosting seven different events, including three free pop-up discussions on collaboration topics.  I think our Programming Committee knows people are ready to ramp up their professional development and networking!

March is also Women’s History Month and March 8 is International Women’s Day. This year’s Women’s Day theme is Be Bold for Change. Three of their five recommended bold actions for women include forging women’s advancement, celebrating women’s achievements and championing women’s education. Sound familiar? The TRUST is deeply rooted in those principles with our four pillars — leadership development, career advancement, education and networking — to help support the careers of women leaders in health care.

Spring also brings our signature education and networking Forum event on April 20. More than 400 women are already registered for the event and we’re anticipating more than 900 for the evening with keynote Susan Salka, CEO and President of AMN Healthcare. The Forum just gets bigger and better each year, and I hope you’ll join us. You can register as an individual or as a table of 10 — either way you’re ensured ample opportunities to connect with women leaders in health care. Remember, Forum registration rates increase after March 20 so don’t delay. Sponsorship opportunities are another great way to influence hundreds of Forum attendees and maximize your exposure in a fun atmosphere.

All TRUST spring events are ripe for networking, so make sure to freshen up your networking game. Great networking starts with a goal. Do you want to meet a specific person? Seek a mentor? Get to know casual connections better? Find out information about a particular company? Identify a program collaborator? Let people know what your goal is.

Another helpful networking tip is to connect others. Can you help someone with their networking goals by recommending a new connection? Are you helping colleagues meet new people? The Forum is an event where you may find yourself seated with people you know and some you don’t know. This is a great time to get to know your tablemates better.

I hope to see you at several of our March and April events!

Theresa currently serves as TRUST President, and President, Children’s Minnesota Foundation. Originally trained in nursing, Pesch has 25 years of health care administration experience and is a sought-after presenter for national philanthropy conferences. She was recognized as a Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal Women in Business honoree in 2012.

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Stay True as an Authentic Leader During Times of Change: Election Impact on Health Care Industry

Posted By Theresa Pesch, RN, Friday, February 3, 2017
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It’s a small understatement to say the health care industry is in the midst of a sea of change. Leadership in health care is vitally important right now and the TRUST is focused on providing a dialogue as we move through the year. And we continue to support our members through our four pillars — Leadership Development, Education, Career Advancement and Networking — so they can be the best leaders possible.

Bill George, former CEO of Medtronic, has written extensively about finding one’s True North, which represents who you are based on your values and sources of satisfaction in your life. When you find your True North, your leadership will be authentic. He states, “The key is knowing the True North of your internal compass, and then staying on course in spite of the challenges and seductions that cause so many leaders to go astray.”1 Remember to stay true to your True North.

Every election cycle sees changes to the health care landscape and this cycle is no different in that regard; however, there appears to be more focus on changing health care at the federal and state levels than ever before. Each day features a new headline, such as, “The Fight for Health Care has Begun,”2 “Republicans Have Plans to Replace Obamacare — Now They Need to Agree on One,”3 and “The Meaning of ‘Access’ to Health Care.”4
Will anticipated changes pan out? Only time will tell which ones will be implemented. What many in the profession are focusing on now is running the business as usual while also keeping a close eye to the horizon and having discussions with fellow health care leaders to prepare for the future.

The Women’s Health Leadership TRUST is helping lead the dialogue with an Election Impact Review program on March 3. Key leaders in health care will discuss anticipated changes at the federal and state levels. I hope you can join us for this program as we explore impact on health coverage, Medicare and Medicaid payment reform, health care exchanges, and paying for value. Our goal is to help members and non-members prepare their organizations for success.

The Election Impact Review will include guest speakers Minnesota State Senator Michelle R. Benson, Deputy Majority Leader Chair – Health and Human Services Finance and Policy Committee; Robert E. Nesse, MD, Senior Director for Payment Reform, Mayo Clinic, and Board of Governors, Mayo Clinic; Chet Speed, JD, LLM, Vice President of Public Policy, American Medical Group Association; Elena McFann, Chief Executive Officer, Central Region, UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement; and moderator Sharon Gabrielson, Chair – Global Business Solutions, Mayo Clinic, and Board of Directors, Women’s Health Leadership TRUST.

The new political administration is evolving and it’s difficult to predict what the future of health care will hold. The TRUST will continue to provide educational resources for members to help them parse through changing information as we move through the year. The TRUST is here to support women leaders in health care, and together, we can drive positive change and shape the future of health care even in uncertain times.

Theresa Pesch currently serves as TRUST President and President, Children’s Minnesota Foundation. Originally trained in nursing, Pesch has 25 years of health care administration experience and is a sought-after presenter for national philanthropy conferences. She was recognized as a Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal Women in Business honoree in 2012.

1 True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership, 2007
2 The New York Times, January 10, 2017
3 NPR, January 26, 2017
4 The Atlantic, January 24, 2017

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Enhance Your Creativity through Collaboration

Posted By Theresa Pesch, RN, Wednesday, January 18, 2017
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Hello, 2017! A new year is a time of reflection and, for many, of resolutions. The start of the new year in January is also Creativity Month and it should be no surprise as to why. It’s a fresh start on the clock. A time when the world is full of endless possibilities! This year, as you look ahead to your professional goals, I encourage you to be more creative and innovative.

You may think you’re either born creative or you’re not; however, creativity is a skill anyone can learn. One way to build your creativity is to engage with people who are different from you. If we only engage with those who are like us, we’re not growing. When you open yourself up to new people, healthy disruption can occur and new ideas flow more readily.

Collaboration is a perfect way to open yourself up to creativity – and you’ll meet wonderful new people and organizations along the way. Collaborative experiences can challenge us to open up our minds and truly shake up the status quo and reframe traditional thinking. This is why collaboration and creativity are common themes for the Women’s Health Leadership TRUST. In fact, this year’s Forum is focused on innovative collaboration and partnerships.

The TRUST is often focused on creativity and collaboration because they make us better people, better professionals. These are skills in high demand for leaders of any industry, and are vitally important for the health care industry. Creative collaboration can create:

  • Empathetic engagement with a focus on developing a diverse understanding of the needs, desires and values of the health care consumer.
  • Radical new ideas when creative tensions fostered by opposing ideas work together to find a solution that improves health care delivery.
  • Vision necessary to move forward past the concept phase to test ideas and learn as you go.

Creativity takes courage to move outside of your comfort zone. Push yourself creatively at least once a month and it won’t be long until creativity is part of who you are. “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” ~ Maya Angelou

Theresa currently serves as TRUST president; she is president of Children’s Health Care Foundation and vice president of development for Children’s Minnesota. Originally trained in nursing, Pesch has 25 years of health care administration experience and is a sought-after presenter for national philanthropy conferences. She was recognized as a Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal Women in Business honoree in 2012.

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5 Ways to Get More from Your TRUST Experience

Posted By Candee Wolf, TRUST member, Principal, Wolf Olson Communications, Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Many people join an association without giving a second thought to how to make the most of the membership. Guilty as charged. Several years ago, I joined the Women’s Health Leadership TRUST; however, other than attending that year’s Forum, I didn’t get involved. I had let my membership wither on the vine and didn’t renew. When I rejoined the TRUST at the start of 2016, I joined a committee and immediately started shaping my TRUST experience. This time around I made more of my membership in three months than I had previously in one year.

So, how can you make the most of your TRUST membership? Here are five tips for fully realizing your membership experience.

#1 – Attend a New Member Breakfast. I made it a point to attend a New Member Breakfast right away when I rejoined the TRUST and I’m so glad I did. There I was able to not only meet other new members, but I had the opportunity to meet Carol Kraft, who was serving as TRUST president at the time. Meeting Carol opened up new opportunities, including service on the Forum committee. How often do you get to meet the president or other leaders of an organization in an informal, small group setting? It happens each month with the TRUST. Check the TRUST online calendar for upcoming New Member Breakfast dates.

#2 – Take advantage of professional development opportunities. Education is one of the four TRUST pillars and it is on ample display via year-round professional development opportunities. These seminars are focused on leadership development, career advancement, new trends and best practices. Keep an eye on the TRUST e-newsletters, social channels and online calendar for new sessions.

#3 – Join a committee. Why? Those who get involved on committees have the opportunity to enhance existing programs and create unique opportunities. I joined the TRUST Marketing & Communications committee and have helped enhance existing programs. It’s rewarding to give back to the organizations we are a part of.

#4 – Participate in the ACCELERATE! mentoring program. Mentoring programs are a meaningful way to truly learn from a peer in the industry who likely becomes a long-term trusted counselor. The program provides individual access to senior women leaders in health care so participants can build leadership presence, learn from experiences (both wins and mistakes) and have a personal sounding board to help cultivate a path forward. The TRUST’s ACCELERATE! mentoring program is available only for members and is a tremendous opportunity for reciprocal learning.

#5 – Network, network, network. From networking-only events such as the wine & networking event to the annual Forum conference, the Women’s Health Leadership TRUST provides numerous opportunities to meet other women with similar professional interests and goals. Don’t let networking feel like a chore. Fellow TRUST members are peers who can help you learn more about the health care industry, expand your network and perhaps make your next job search a bit easier.

Remember, membership is what you make of it and it doesn’t require a substantial time or financial commitment. Hopefully these tips gave you some inspiration to take charge of your TRUST membership and create an amazing long-term experience.

Candee serves on the TRUST committees for Marketing & Communications as well as the Forum and is a paid consultant for the TRUST’s social media. She has served as President of the Public Relations Society of America Minnesota chapter and is currently President-Elect of Minnesota Women in Marketing & Communications. Candee provides strategic communications planning and implementation for health care and senior care organizations.

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Powerful, Collaborative Learning

Posted By Carol Kraft, President, Women's Health Leadership TRUST, Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Untitled Document

A great gift we can give ourselves and others is the gift of learning. You have likely heard a lot of people say, “I love learning;” though, like me, you perhaps have yet to hear anyone say, “I hate learning.” That’s probably because learning occurs naturally and continuously throughout a person’s lifetime. Learning happens every day whether you realize it or not. I especially love learning from peers whether through formal mentoring or other collaborative learning. In fact, learning from my female peers in health care was a significant reason why I joined the Women’s Health Leadership TRUST.

Peer-to-peer and group mentoring are excellent ways to learn new skills, hone abilities and help others grow. What makes collaborative learning, such as mentoring, so powerful? Everyone participating is a teacher as well as a student! Everyone is learning from the unique abilities of each person.

Mentoring is a wonderful form of collaborative learning because it tends to be more one-on-one or small group, which can be ideal for having deeper discussions and more opportunities for questions in an environment that feels inviting and safe.

The TRUST offers great opportunities for collaborative learning. In fact, the Annual Meeting on September 8 will feature a collaborative discussion on partnerships and collaboration! And did you know the TRUST has a mentoring program? The ACCELERATE! mentoring program combines 1:1 learning with group round tables for a combined package of conversations and action steps aligned with development goals to maximize learning and growth.

Mentoring and collaborative learning environments are perfect for benefiting from each other’s resources, skills and experiences. I hope to see some of you at a future collaborative learning event through the TRUST!

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The TRUST Needs You!

Posted By Administration, Monday, April 11, 2016
Updated: Friday, April 8, 2016
Untitled Document

We need your talent and passion to help the TRUST advance our mission.

While you're volunteering, you'll gain valuable benefits too! Please check out the list of current volunteer needs and let us know where you can help. We offer both short-term and ongoing opportunities.

Advance the Mission

Volunteer Now

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A Message from TRUST President Carol Kraft

Posted By Carol Kraft, Friday, March 11, 2016

carol kraftAs we begin 2016, the TRUST's Board of Directors and I thank you for your participation and support for the Women's Health Leadership TRUST! Our membership is growing, we have added some excellent new benefits for members, and we have many excellent programs to look forward to in the coming year. Here are just a few highlights of our progress:

  • Our membership stands at 382 as of January 1 — compared with 282 in December 2014.

  • We initiated a new category of membership in 2015, the Graduate Student/Faculty Member, bringing greater involvement from the next generation of women leaders in healthcare.

  • We hosted 20 events and programs in 2015, compared with 14 in 2014. Our schedule for 2016 is even more ambitious! Please check out the calendar and register for one or more of our excellent events to stay at the forefront of health care and to network with our amazing members.

  • The new ACCELERATE Mentor program is kicking off this month with more than 25 pairs of mentors and mentees. Watch for more information throughout the year about our first cohort of mentors and mentees.

  • Our Forum Committee has revamped the process for award nominations. We had 60 candidates nominated for the 2016 awards — an excellent showing for the first year of this new process! We can't wait to find out the winners at the 2016 Forum on April 25.
    The TRUST Board of Directors firmly believes that the best is yet to come!

Again, thank you for your membership; I look forward to seeing you at one or more of our wonderful events in the coming year.

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