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The Ripple Effect of Health and Well-being

Posted By Monica Engel, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, Monday, November 26, 2018

I love this time of year as we celebrate a season of gratitude and giving while also expressing thanks for the past year and welcoming the year ahead. This season I hope you’ll join me in celebrating health and well-being by taking steps whenever possible to make a positive difference for yourself, which in turn, create positive ripples for the world around you.

Health and well-being combined is a way of life. It’s about body, mind and spirit. It’s about knowing that feeling healthy and feeling good is an absolute necessity. Health and well-being is investing in yourself so you can live your best life.

Here are suggestions to help you live a life enhanced with health and well-being:

Connect. Talk with others and listen in return. Be there for others when you can be. Create authentic, energizing relationships with those around you. Connect with people in all facets of your life. Talk face-to-face with colleagues instead of using email. Call a loved one instead of sending a text. Build friendships through volunteer work. Forgive others. Embrace supportive relationships. Attend the TRUST Holiday Party on Dec. 4 to network with other collaborative women leaders in health care.

Be Mindful. Remember the simple things in life that give you joy. Ask for help. Do something you’re good at. Be curious of the world and all of its possibilities. See the beauty around you. Take delight in the unusual. Savor small moments. Reflect on your experiences. Focus on things you can control. Live in the present, not the past. Visualize something positive. Make time for laughter.

Keep Learning. Embrace new experiences. Surprise yourself. Try something new. Rediscover old interests. Sign up for programs or courses like those offered through the Women’s Health Leadership TRUST. Take on a new responsibility at work. Try something you’ve always wanted to learn. Do something creative. Teach others and learn through leadership.

Live Well. Move regularly. Go to bed earlier. Pack a healthy lunch. Stay hydrated. Move your mood. Talk about your feelings. Value yourself. Play outside with kids in your life. Take a walk with a friend. Reminisce about good times. Walk around when you’re on the phone. Remember to just breathe. Swap a few coffees for green tea or water with lemon. Recharge each day.

Give. Do something nice for a friend or a stranger. Pay it forward and buy someone a cup of coffee. Care for others. Give not only your time, but your words and your presence as well. Thank someone. Join a group. Smile more. Volunteer with an organization you belong to or support. Give yourself credit for your accomplishments. Give someone a compliment. Give yourself a kind word.

Health and well-being is not a bucket merely to be filled, rather it’s a garden to be tended with care. Take the time to connect, be mindful, keep learning, live well, and give, and you will see your efforts create positive ripples within your life and for those around you. Together, we can commit to health and well-being, and further contribute to health care in our communities.

Monica Engel currently serves as TRUST President, President of Medicare Markets at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, and board member for Mii Life Inc./Select Account. Engel holds a degree in business management and has completed the Minnesota Management Institute program from the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management. In 2017, the Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce honored Engel with a “Women of Excellence” award.

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