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MEMBERS ONLY: Personal Development Series "A Positively Brilliant You!"

MEMBERS ONLY: Personal Development Series "Leading Authentically: Leveraging Adversity"



The Women's Health Leadership TRUST

The Women's Health Leadership TRUST is a professional network of executive women in health care, founded in the Twin Cities.

Together we are:

  • Creating exciting opportunities to network within the health care industry;
  • Offering programs, seminars, and workshops designed to enhance leadership skills;
  • Providing meaningful educational offerings and programs
  • Advancing the health care careers of women


Carol Kraft

TRUST President Carol Kraft

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A Message from TRUST President Carol Kraft

Innovation is the action or process of innovating. Said another way, it means to change, alter, transform or breakthrough a system or process with a radically new and better result. Sometimes innovation is the result of taking the familiar and improving it with a subtle twist. In other cases, it may be the result of something brand new. In either case — given the continued needs for improvement in health care — we celebrate those women and companies who tirelessly work to make a difference. Get more information and make a nomination (or several!) by December 3.

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ACCELERATE Mentoring Now Open for Applications

The TRUST is excited to announce a new program for 2016 — ACCELERATE Mentoring. This new initiative is designed to deliver on a key TRUST strategy to develop and advance women leaders in health care. ACCELERATE Mentoring is targeted for both mid-level TRUST leaders who would benefit from a mentoring partnership with a role model senior leader TRUST member.

Read more and consider applying to be a mentor or mentee!

New Member Engagement Breakfast, Nov. 20, 2015

Thank you to Theresa Pesch and Children’s Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota for sponsoring the November meeting. The event was hosted by TRUST President Carol Kraft (SelectAccount) and Diane Nanstad. Attendees included Allison Cambronne, Diane Dahl, Alexandra Friederichs, Stacy George, Katie Heinze, Kathleen Horneck, Emily Karlen, Asha Knutson, Kristin Lenander, Bethany Otuteye, Shelley Sanchez, Ann Schulte and Desiree Wallace.

November New Member Breakfast

Save the Date for the TRUST Forum!

The TRUST Forum will be held on Monday, April 25, 2016. Check out more information, including a preview of Keynote Speaker Cindy Kent!

Innovation word cloud

View the full photo gallery from the TRUST's 2015 Forum to get a sense of the magical atmosphere this event brings. We have also posted photos from the record-setting event at our Forum page on this website and at the TRUST's Facebook page.




On October 29, we had a very successful breakfast meeting at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis. The speaker was Dr. Michelle van Ryn, Professor of Health Services Research from the Mayo School of Medicine. Her topic was, “We Don’t Think the Way We Think We Think: Mitigating Unconscious Bias in Health Care.” For an hour and a half, Dr. van Ryn had a packed presentation on how we think consciously and unconsciously and how both parts of our brains work together to create who we are and how we manage. We did several self-awareness table activities by looking at images and noting our reactions to those images. It was amazing to see the different reactions we each had in looking at the same image.

My table consisted of wonderful women from Charter Solutions, Inc., VHA, Minnesota Association of Community Health Centers, North Memorial, and a business consultant in the area of Strategic Change, Organizational Development and Process Improvement — all of us coming from different places and generations. It was really healthy dialogue and it made me see other perspectives. These women all have now become my new therapy group, as they broadened my perspective on specific items that we discussed.

For those of you not in attendance, Dr. van Ryn provided us with key professional skills for unbiased interactions. Here are a few resources that she provided in her presentation that I would suggest for all of us:

Thank you for being a member/guest of the TRUST. Have a great and productive November!

The TRUST Needs You!

We need your talent and passion to help the TRUST advance our mission. While you're volunteering, you'll gain valuable benefits too! Please check out the list of current volunteer needs and let us know where you can help. We offer both short-term and ongoing opportunities.

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New Members Who Joined in October:

Stephanie Bue, Allison Cambronne, Alanna Carter, Chelsey Doepner, Joy Frangipane Marion, Alexandra Friederichs, Stacy George, Sarah Johnson, Cindy Kent, Rebecca Kleinbaum Sanders, Jennifer Klund, Maggee Nelson, Alanna Seppelt

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Mindy Banko
Mindy Banko

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